Mockup Design

Firstly, I prepare the wireframes and prototypes (interface with built-in functionalities and sketch that will visually resemble the final product respectively), and send them to you for approval.


During this stage we can discuss the prototype and any changes you wish me to make before proceeding to the development stage.


Once you are happy with the visual side of the product, I will move on to writing a code, hence making your website not only looking great but also working well. I am using front-end technologies (HTML, CSS with SASS preprocessor and JS).


Once the code is being written and you are fully satisfied with the product, I will deploy your site for the rest of the world to see and enjoy. If you do not have a domain yet, I will assist you on acquiring one. I can also advise you on the hosting providers that suit your website best.


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Why is SEO so important and how can Beyond Refined help your business stand out in the search engine?

There are several technical aspects that mustn't be overlooked when preparing on-page SEO:

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